History of Lacrosse

  • Deemed the fastest game on two feet, lacrosse has a rich and storied history that spans centuries and is the oldest sport native to the North American Continent.
  • Rooted in Native American ritual and religion, the game was often played to resolve conflicts, prepare for war, heal the sick and build strength.
  • Until the mid-1930's, men's and women's lacrosse were played under virtually the same rules, with no protective equipment. At that time, men's lacrosse rules began evolving dramatically, while women's lacrosse continued to remain true to the game's original rules.
  • Men's college lacrosse allies with the NCAA in 1971; the first women's NCAA championship is held in 1982.
  • US Lacrosse is founded in 1998 as the national governing body of men's and women's lacrosse.
  • Object of both men's and women's lacrosse is to score more goals than the opposing team by shooting the ball into the opponent's netted goal.
  • Women's rules allow 12 players on the field, limit stick contact, prohibit body contact and therefore, require little protective equipment.
  • Men's lacrosse rules allow 10 players on the field and some degree of stick and body contact, but violence is neither condoned nor allowed.
  • Lacrosse is played primarily in the spring, but is also played in the summer and fall.
  • Resembles strategies of basketball, soccer, hockey and field hockey on a field similar to a soccer field.

Information taken from US Lacrosse website